Basement conversion

A basement conversion can give your home some much needed extra space for storage, or to accommodate visitors, and it can also increase the value of your home significantly. Converting your basement can cost less than you think, and if you have some basic DIY and decorating skills, it makes for a satisfying project.

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Extra Room For Storage or Entertainment

Of course, most homeowners decide on a basement conversion for the extra space, something which most of us consider to be one of the most important things in a home. Whether you have too much stuff that simply needs to be stored somewhere, or whether you like the idea of a games room, family room or entertainment room, a converted basement can provide that opportunity. In most homes, it is the area of the house furthest away from the bedrooms, making it ideal or a large TV, loud music, or parties. The basement is also a great place to store items which aren't used all the time, such as bicycles, golf clubs and other sporting equipment and it is also the perfect place for a home gym or home office.

More Sleeping Space

As your family grows, a basement conversion can seem like a practical solution. Many families move into a house only to find that after a few years, they simply don't have the space they need or want, and if you have a newborn baby, an extra bedroom in the basement can be invaluable. Two young children sharing the same bedroom will sooner or later complain about wanting their own room and their own space, and if you have a teenager or college student living at home, they seem to naturally gravitate to the basement. Again, it can be a useful place to put that teenager who is constantly listening to loud music or watching TV late at night. Even if you don't have a growing family, a finished basement is ideal for visiting family or friends, and if you have pets, it can be a convenient and unobtrusive place for a litter box, feeding bowl, bedding etc.

Add Value to Your Home

A basement conversion can also add value to your home, and can be a considerable investment if you plan to sell your home in the future. As a general rule, converting your basement will add at least 11,000 pounds to the value of your home, although this can be more in areas where extra space is in high demand, such as central London. If you live in an area where space is at a premium, that extra room in the basement can make all the difference, and your house will sell more quickly than a comparable house but without that extra room in the basement. If you need extra space in your house, whether for a growing family, overnight guests or just to store those golf clubs, converting your basement can be a practical and affordable solution, and the project can be easier than you think.